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Weible & Associates, Co.

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We're looking for new clients who want to grow their business: hard-working people who see success just over the horizon, and who need a little help to achieve their goals.

We are Weible & Associates, a full-service accounting firm serving both individuals and companies. What sets us apart from other accountants is our general business knowledge. Whether you are a President, Owner, Partner or CEO, you need financial and accounting advice that is not only sound, but also tailored to your specific business situation. That's where we can help, because with decades of experience in finance, accounting, payroll, human resources, and general business management, we understand what's needed to run a successful company.

Founded in 1993, we are deliberately small enough to work with you on a personal level, yet large enough to ensure that your urgent requests receive rapid attention. Our office is in Broadview Heights, just south of Cleveland, Ohio; but to support our clients as they have expanded their reach, we have followed their growth to multiple states.

Let's meet to compare your needs to our services, either in our office, or in yours for your convenience. Call us today at (440)746-0780 to schedule an appointment.

Serving clients in the Greater Cleveland area and throughout Ohio, as well as neighboring states.

Meet Our Staff


Charles WeibleCharles T. Weible, CPA                                    


Email Charlie.Weible@WeibleCo.com

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Jennie WeibleJennie C. Weible

Treasurer - Secretary
Email Jennie.Weible@WeibleCo.com

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Our Accountants 

Tabitha R. Clayton, CPA. 

Shelly Clifton 

Stanley Kline, CPA. 

Bill Puckett, CPA-Inactive.

Shannon Smith

Joyce Lutz

Support Staff

Anne Semple

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