How We Work

Jennie and Charlie working in the office

While the professionals of Weible & Associates can handle all of your accounting needs (in effect "outsourcing" the Accounting department to us), we strongly encourage our clients to take the opportunity to learn accounting while working with us. In order to help our clients to meet such goals, we can confidently answer any questions about accounting that our clients may have. We believe that a leader who understands the basics of accounting, payroll, and taxes will find this knowledge to be useful as he or she grows the company.

Recognizing that your business environment is always changing, we pride ourselves in being proactive with possible issues, and responsive to our client contacts. To that end we communicate with you in various ways:

  • One phone number for the entire office, to ensure that your call is always picked up.
  • Email addresses for each of our staff. Busy professionals often prefer the convenience of email, and we respond to ours as soon as possible. If you aren't certain who to email, or you know that your normal contact is out of the office, please send your email to our President at and he will make sure the appropriate person sees it.
  • Weible & Associates newsletters and informational letters. We send out our own 4-page newsletter, the Quarterly Business Focus, which we write and publish in our office. In addition, our clients receive letters and notices from us throughout the year regarding timely accounting and tax topics.

We look forward to working with you!

Charlie and Jennie working with clients at the office

      Industry expertises include:

  • Rental real estate, both ownership & management
  • Manufacturing, job shops, production
  • Equipment leasing companies, medical and heavy
  • Construction general contractor & subcontractor; such as, electrical, carpentry, masonry, excavating, sewer, roads, trade show displays
  • Wholesale trade; such as, fastener, clock parts, promotional materials, department store products
  • Professional services corporations; such as, medical, architecture, law practices, dental practices and engineering firms
  • Non-Profit organizations
  • International consultant - Retail; such as, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, internet based sales and specialty shops
  • Advertising and graphic design, blueprinting and print shops
  • Computer production and consulting
  • Insurance agencies
  • International venture capitalist
  • Research scientist