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I'm a fairly new client of Weible & Associates, Co., CPA. They service both my personal and business accounting needs. They were insturmental with my recent purchase of an existing business. It wasn't the easiest undertaking, but they stood by my side and woked with several different banks before I finally closed the deal.
We have been personal clients of Weible & Associates, Co., CPA for a few years. Over this time they have made suggestions and/or recommendations for our self-employed business that has saved us on our taxes. We are very pleased with the service and the attention they have given us.
Chris & Devon
We have been both personal and business clients of Weible & Associates, Co., CPA for many years. In 2015, we decided to sell our business. The Team at Weible & Associates, Co., CPA helped to make it happen. They assisted us with the business valuation, selection of a business attorney, reviewed the documents for the sale, and supported us with their expertise to the end. We appreciate all of the hard work and personal attention.
David & Jeannelle
My nonprofit was formed in 2011 while I was a young college student with a passion to help communities. l knew little about filing nonprofit tax returns or how to register with the State of Ohio. In early 2017 all of this came to my attention and I filed a Form 1023EZ. Soon after this, the State of Ohio Attorney General informed me that I was not a legal nonprofit in Ohio. So I approached several accounting firms for help with this. Many were very polite but offered no help. Eventually I went to Weible & Associates, Co. and met with Charlie Weible. He was very sympathetic and right away offered to take care of our needs. With his help and persistence we are now registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by both the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Ohio.
I'm a long time client of Weible & Associates, Co., CPA. They have been doing my personal tax returns for many years. During the latest tax season, they were able to help with a like-kind exchange transaction. I trust them to figure out whatever needs to be done. They always make me feel welcome when I come in and they return my calls promptly.
Charlie, Thanks for your help sorting out the 2017 RITA withholding, appreciate all of your work.
Weible & Associates, Co., CPA. was instrumental in setting up my business's on-line QuickBooks and training. Our prior accounting firm was not responding to my request to automate our accounting system. Within two months, with Weible & Associates help and training, we had all of our 2017 business activity posted and reconciled. Charlie was very helpful and guided us through the process, making the transition a breeze.
I recently became a client of Weible & Associates, Co., CPA. I use them for both my personal and business accounting and income tax needs. They played an essential role in my recent buy/sell transition with my partnership business. It wasn't the easiest undertaking, but they knew how to handle the transaction, and were attentive to our many questions and requests. In addition, they assisted us with cleaning up our books and records that were left unadjusted by our previous tax preparer. Their team is very attentive to my needs and I find them responsive to my calls.
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